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Fredens Temple, Baron Arild Rosenkrantz

Chapters intimidate me so I write in scenes, and I like the idea of not creating chapters as I go. Chapters are merely arbitrary divisions between linked scenes, making the narrative pretty. Chapters make me fret and worry, but I can write scenes with confidence, and then move them around and link them to create chapters after–long after. So it was nice to run across Kay Kenyon’s cool essays. Especially since I don’t write in a linear fashion.

And there’s this and this.

And, oh yeah, this!

Happy writing!

8 thoughts on “writing in scenes

  1. That’s basically how I write. Especially “Shadow of the Lion”. A lot was written in spontaneous scenes and then I fit them together as they were needed in the plot-line. I find those spontaneous scenes are often the best and need the least editing afterwards.

    • Yeah; I like writing just in scenes because I get a better feel for the story and I don’t feel pressured to make it perfect the way I do when I try writing linearly in chapters. d:)

  2. This really connects with me, too. I gave up thinking in terms of chapters. I think of and write in scenes. I group them fairly readily into chapters, but I see a chapter as a unit of scenes, rather than an entity in itself. This has helped propel me forward, increasing my productivity, my focus, etc. I use the free software program yWriter5 (easy to find with a search) which is a great way to break things down into scenes and go directly to one scene at a time. I can keep the word count under much better control this way, too.

    Good luck with your writing!

    • Hi, Adrian, nice to hear from you. I took a look at yWriter5 back when I worked on a Windows machine, wouldn’t mind using it but it doesn’t work on the Mac. I use Scrivener which I like very much. d:)

  3. Yes! And I’ve discovered interesting connections doing it that way.

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