oh good grief!

La Bacchante, Jean-Leon Gerome

Anna finally threw herself under the train and not a moment too soon. By the time she did it, I’d grown completely out of sorts with Tolstoy’s heroine. For all my enjoyment of listening to the book during my zombie run, it leaves a bitter aftertaste. Oh, and Tolstoy doesn’t end with Anna’s suicide and Vronsky going off to war. The book continues with Levin’s gloomy philosophies. Still, I recently bought Tolstoy’s masterfully written novel–it really is an amazing book–and once I’m finished with the audiobook, I’m going to read Anna Karenina–but not right away.

I’m so looking forward to listening to Madame Bovary. Having read that book three times over the years, I find Emma to be much more sympathetic than the over the top irrationality and emo-craziness of Anna K. I think comparing the two and perhaps adding a couple other tragic literary heroines may make for an interesting article. Like that idea, but I need a perspective and a theme.


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  1. Agree 100% about the character, Emma. Gustave Flaubert’s best novel. And for me, she’s his most memorable character to date.

    • Hi, Georgie! I agree! *Madame Bovary* is one of my all time favorite novels. I think he outdid himself with her. d:)

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