tiny me, desolate road

Golden Light, John Atkinson Grimshaw

The Foreigner is such a pathetic mess, I was considering dropping the whole March Edit idea, but last week I received Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon. I’d only just started reading it, not altogether sure if it could redeem The Foreigner for me, when a little voice whispered, why don’t you let go of the start at the beginning and edit through to the end idea and instead start with those scenes that show the most potential and make them better? In other words, if I get out of my way, I might get somewhere.

Beyond redemption–that is how I was thinking of The Foreigner, and editing it seemed a waste of time, but that little voice has pointed the way, illuminated the road, and I see if I work on improving those scenes that have a spark of life in them, they’ll help me see how to improve the bad ones or dispose of them altogether. Cloud, silver lining, okay.

About a month ago a writer friend invited me to give a presentation to her students on creative visualization. March 6 was the date, and I nervously prepared myself–wrote talking points, got my samples together, wrote a handout, and spent the passing weeks muttering to myself bits and pieces of good stuff to say to the group.

It was my first time talking to a group and it went well! Very well. I had a great time, they were inspired and entertained, and so warm and welcoming, I lost my nervousness and it didn’t matter that I didn’t remember all that I meant to say. I winged it well. It’s so true that you don’t know what you can do until you actually do it.

It’s early days yet for my objectives but this week I have sent out two short stories; The Ghost Jewel and And Baby Makes Two have winged along the digital highway to two different magazines, and I may get one more out before month end.

And I’m working on a new non-fiction writing project that has my brain jumping about.


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  1. Have you found that book helpful? I’ve been recommending it to all the novel writers I know. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Don’t get discouraged. And good luck with the rewrites.

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