Borders–oh noes!

Friday, the day after its bankruptcy announcement, Borders began the the sale of sales–everything must go, and a considerable number of those things went with me. Long Beach has two Borders within reach. This morning I zipped up to the one at the Pike. Big signs in the sidewalk to ceiling windows trumpeted the end of the store, 20% to 40% off, everything must go! There were people. And there was me–restraining myself. Fail! Still I managed to get out of there without leaving every cent I owned behind.

I ran Junior (my much put upon Toyota Yaris) across town to the store on Bellflower ’cause I didn’t quite find what I was looking for among the dwindling stock at the other store. THERE WERE PEOPLE! The line to the registers stretched nearly to the back of the store–and that one’s a big store, on two levels. I did’t make it upstairs–good thing.

People wandered the aisles clutching their nicely discounted bibiliophilic treasures (hmm, think I just made up a word). Anyway, I grabbed a basket and lost my mind. Looking at all those shelves of discounted fiction and journals and art books and history books and cds and dvds and all manner of odds and ends and arts and letters goodies…it was all I could do to not start laughing wildly like Daffy Duck and waving my credit card around.

I eventually joined the line and made it to the counter clutching a giant illustrated book on human anatomy in the crook of my arm while lugging a basket full of books and dvds (Harry Potter 1-6 in one tidy package for one tidy price!) on the other. (Just call that wolf who’ll be pawing at my door “Amex”.)

So, chatting with a salesclerk, I found out Borders is closing all but 5 of its stores in California. All but 5 in all of California. The nearest store to me will be the one in Torrance. Junior gave me a wide-eyed look when I mentioned Torrance so, um, guess he won’t be taking me there.

The store in Century City near the day job is closing, both stores in Long Beach are closing. The one in Hollywood may survive as the only Borders in Los Angeles. Oh, and Seattle Best’s cafes shut down immediately on the day of the announcement. Like one lady in line commented, “It’s sad, really.” Yes it is.