a quick look back

Paperbackwriter’s 24 Days post set me to thinking…January’s almost over. What have I done so far…let’s check Moleskine…

  • Five days out of seven, 17 days so far, the zombie run, 5 am to 7 pm. Tired already.
  • Began yoga workouts at the gym
  • Began outlining and story planning Chained (formerly known as Taken)
  • Read one book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Started reading second book: Boneshaker
  • Lots of writing in Moleskine
  • Writing Saturday with Michelle
  • Writer’s lunch with Janet
  • Went to an information session for something I’m thinking of doing
  • Got an estimate for Junior’s repair
  • Wrote a few new pages on Chained
  • Spent a Sunday afternoon at LB Aquarium
  • Finally took down and put away the Christmas tree
  • 7 pendrifter posts (including this one)

And still to come…a doctor’s appointment, the Egypt lecture at the Bowers Museum, and 4 more days of zombie run in this month.

So…how’s your January been/going?


One thought on “a quick look back

  1. good for you! I keep a daily record on a calendar of any writing or writing related things I do so that way I can see exactly how much time i’m spending. Started to do that a long time ago as a way of keeping a ‘time sheet’ in case I was ever audited for my self employment (writer’s) income tax claims. But I found it was also a good way to stay on track. I always write up in one corner the main tasks I want to achieve that month and I tick them off as I accomplish them. This year I am including writing in my blogs too. So far I’m still a bit behind with that and with my hand-written daily journal, but I’ve managed to complete a few writing tasks. (Still have some more travel stories to prepare though!)

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