running in place

Lachrymae, Frederic Lord Leighton

The weather has turned lovely–warm, sunny, even the winds have died down, feels like late Spring, early Summer outside. I’ve spent this week mentally outlining the book formerly known as TAKEN, don’t have a new title yet, and what began as a medieval fantasy has become contemporary. I asked myself why the medieval period? And really didn’t have an answer germane to the story, just that I liked the period, but thinking through the story, I realized it could be set in a contemporary time and with a few changes in character names and circumstances it still held together.

My character names are archaic so Aimeric de Blanchefleur is now Derryk Blanchefleur; Angelaine de Dammartin is now Angelina Martin, but I kept the name Isabeau for Derryk’s daughter. It’s a lovely name and works fine in the now. I’ve transported the story into an urban setting, given Derryk and Angelina professions, and decided on the disease that’s killing Isabeau. I’ve also broken it into two parts–the first part focuses on Derryk; the second part will focus on Angelina.

Now I’m at the point where I’m working out the scenes. I know I’ll be setting the outline aside come March to do the March Edit for THE FOREIGNER, but after March I plan to start writing, actually re-writing, the book formerly known as TAKEN as an urban fantasy.