among the clouds

King David, Gustave Moreau

The morning bears the light of tarnished silver, bleak and moody. Yesterday’s writing work time was eaten away by a plethora of mundanities, but in the evening I managed to get a few things done, importing the map of Charlevois’s provinces into Scrivener, doing a bit of research on the marguerite daisy, then taking a long soak to ease the lingering ache in my muscles from last week’s yoga and the cardio sculpt class at the gym. While I soaked I read the February issue of The Writer, and thought about how to rewrite TAKEN (my working title that’s going to change yet again).

The past week was hectic, what with going to the gym and torturing myself with yoga and doing that cardio sculpt class that just about gave me a heart attack. I cannot hold a ball between my thighs and do push-ups! Geesh!

And…yoga can be painful, trying to get past inflexibility, trying to maintain balance with arms and legs extending up and down, and trying to keep breathing all at the same time. Eventually I’ll be as bendy as a pretzel and the muscles will stop complaining–if I don’t break something first.

I want to change pendrifter, give the blog a new perspective, don’t know what yet.

Today I’m going to work on TAKEN, not yet at the writing stage, still figuring out what to do with the zero draft.


2 thoughts on “among the clouds

  1. I must incorporate more exercise into my routines too. I am so stiff and achy and it’s not good sitting at the computer all the time.
    I just posted a new blog myself, about how to keep going. Perhaps if you just focus on one thing at a time you will find it easier to get your projects done. Yes, I think “Taken” is the title of a movie isn’t it? But then, you can’t copywrite titles. I ran into a guy at a book launch who’s book was titled “Virtues of War” and that is almost exactly the title of one of Steven Pressfield’s books The Virtues of War. He informed me that it was okay that he used the same title (minus “the”). I have the same thing to consider with the title of Shadow of the Lion as I have been told there is another book by that name, or similar, and I’ll be darned if I am going to chance that title as it was with me from the beginning.

    • Yeah so many titles are common! I’m pretty good with titles so I know I’ll come up with something good in the final draft.

      Signing up at the gym not only will help me get into better shape, but it’ll keep me off the freeway during the zombie rush and save my blood pressure!

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