it’s january again!

Salome, Aubrey Beardsley

The start of a new year is always a kick for me. I’ve got plans–great writing plans for this year.  Last year four fictions winged into the wild blue. This year, one short story for sure, but TAKEN has priority over everything else so if I manage to send off three more–they’ll be gravy!

I’m reading Noah Lukeman’s The First Five Pages this month and doing the end of chapter exercises which have already proven valuable. After doing the first exercise, I discovered I use too many adjectives–horrors! While my prose isn’t overloaded with adjectives, they are definitely redundant in many instances. Adverbs I’ve got under tight control so no problem there–hardly ever use one, but adjectives! Adjectives are lovely, aren’t they? They’re like  sea nymphs singing their siren song and beckoning. It was funny for me to discover that instead of underwriting, I’ve been overwriting–not so much in quantity of words as in usage. That may sound odd but misused adjectives buries a scene in wordy lather, and although you might only have written a hundred words, adjective misusage makes it look like a hundred fifty at least.

Anyway, I’m going to work my way through The First Five Pages as I gear up to rewrite the zero draft of TAKEN into a decent first draft. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “it’s january again!

  1. Yes those adjective! Now I’m about to start the final edits and cuts for my novel Shadow of the Lion, I’ll definitely be ditching some of those. I tend to over-describe and often repeat myself. Don’t give up on those novels of yours but you might have to shelve a couple and just work on one. I think if you have too many projects on the go it is distracting. At least, I found that out and eventually shelved a couple of pieces of work which now I’ve got to decide which one comes next. I think it will be the Celtic novel, but I also want to write the second act of the Sappho play. Decisons, decisions!

  2. Hi Ruth, you’re right about the distractions of having several novels underway; I’ve shelved everything except TAKEN–with as much determination as I can muster. d:)

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