It’s a misty morning in Century City, a weepy sky, the work week half way through, Christmas busyness addling my brain, I’m drifting through the waning days of this month, mulling over decisions for the coming year, wondering if I’m ever going to get a finished novel out the door…and then an e-mail from the editor of The Horror Zine made me smile.

The Horror Zine’s first anthology,  And Now the Nightmare Begins, continues to garner good reviews. To my delight, my story, Ghost of Roses, was mentioned. The exact line reads: “Also worthy of mention are Debra Young’s very polished story Ghost of Roses…” That put a stop to my slide into the doldrums. Oh, there’s a Kindle edition too!

I recently bought The Horror Zine’s second anthology, Twice the Terror, (love the cover) but have not had a moment to sit down and read it yet.

Meanwhile, it’s a wonderful day to lounge in an armchair with a hot beverage–coffee, tea, mulled cider–and a fine collection of nightmarish stories.


5 thoughts on “sparkly

  1. Good for you! A little acknowledgement goes a long way!
    I’m hoping to have my novel finished before the end of 2010. Inching closer and closer now. It’s a matter of disciplining myself to not get distracted with all the holiday stuff.

  2. Thanks, Ruth! I was surprised to find out the first one is still being reviewed. Good for you for trying to get that book finished amid the holiday hubbub! I’m still doing story notes on Taken but not very diligently. d:)

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