gosh darn it

20,087, The Foreigner. Just when I thought the demon cold had died, it’s turned zombie, shuffled back, and laid siege to my lungs and sinuses. I’ve got a busy weekend planned and I’m not going to be laid low by a zombie cold! I’m lopping off its head one way or another.

To my surprise, two characters in The Foreigner finally started talking to each other. They had a right chinwag, and since one is deceiving the other–well, I’m thinking Iago and Othello.


2 thoughts on “gosh darn it

  1. I just got over a terrible cold/flu thing and it was because I used Liquid Silver. Seriously. Never tried it before, but now I’m a believer!! It’s called: Silva Solution Advanced Liquid Silver made by TriMedica.

    Hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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