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Grapes and Pomegranates, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

3,030, The Foreigner. Did I say I was ready for National Novel Writing Month, November’s Great Pumpkin? Yeah I said that. I got my preliminary outline, my final outline, my character sketches, my plot sketch, my story notes and my story notes, and still, there are big gaps going on between brain and story, but the fingers have tapped out 3,030 words of story ’cause the outline’s helping me jump the gaps. Much better than previous years when I’ve stepped off the cliff and fallen into the abyss while frantically pulling on my parachute.

I’m paying particular attention this year because I’m not just aiming to finish; I’m aiming for what comes after NaNo’s over–the first draft. This is Draft Zero, this is discovery, this is venturing into the Unknown Country of the Story, and I think it’s going to be a good journey.

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    • Appreciate that! Thanks, Adrian! I’m working at a slower pace this year but it seems to be going okay. d:)

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