I’m as ready for NaNo this year as I’m going to be. I’ve promised myself not to let word anxiety build itself into a block, just relax and have a good time! Most of the day’s writing will be done in the early, early morning after I get to the office before the sun’s up and the day job begins, and if I don’t hit the benchmark in the morning, I’ll make the rest after I get home in the evening. I’ve cleaned up my writing space at home so when I drag myself in I won’t waste time clearing clutter, have plenty of tea and coffee on hand, a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a ream of yellow paper for printing out the day’s work, and I’ve given the muse a talking to–no sulking, no hiding out!

I’m dressing up for Halloween this year–vampire widow–and my cousin and I are going to hand out candy and have a fun time tonight. No worries!