null state

Still Life with Glass Flask and Fruit, 1750, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Finished my outline for The Foreigner, 13 pages long, might tweak it some before November 1st. Been in a null state since I finished it, squeezed my brain so hard working on it, it retreated and now just sits up there, blinking.

But it’s Friday Report day, so let me give the tired gray cells a poke…

  • Outline of The Foreigner —Done!
  • Submitted The Ghost Jewel to Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Contest –hadn’t planned on it–but that reminder e-mail spurred me on!
  • Made a soundtrack for The Foreigner

And that’s the last drop. Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “null state

  1. Even bodybuilders take a day off — every other day! After exertion, it’s good to rest and let those “brain muscles” restore themselves. No sense in overdoing it before Nano even starts! Congratulations on your completed outline!

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