soothing the soul

This morning’s humid rain-gray air has given way to pale sunshine and a roustabout wind, slapping the trees so vigorously they appear to be in hysterics. I’ve gone through several cds and compiled the soundtrack for The Foreigner–not the final soundtrack, but a good “rough draft”, all instrumentals to suit the mood and theme of the novel. Once I get them all copied to a new cd, I’ll give it a complete listen and decide what stays.

  • Deep Blue, Keiko Matsui
  • Trees, Keiko Matsui
  • Rose in Morocco, Keiko Matsui
  • Moonflower, Keiko Matsui
  • To the Indian Sea, Keiko Matsui
  • Gymnopedie for Piano No. 1, Romantic Adagios
  • Clarinet Concerto in A Major, Romantic Adagios
  • Spartacus, Romantic Adagios
  • Clair de Lune, Romantic Adagios
  • Aria, Yanni
  • Looking Glass, Yanni
  • In the Morning Light, Yanni
  • Marching Season, Yanni
  • Swept Away, Yanni
  • One Man’s Dream, Yanni
  • In the Mirror, Yanni
  • The Rain Must Fall, Yanni
  • Spanish Kiss, Benise
  • Alegria, Benise
  • Exterminator Beat, Danny Elfman
  • Revenge, Danny Elfman
  • Fox’s Decision, Danny Elfman
  • Fate, Danny Elfman
  • The Road to Rivendell, The Elbereth Orchestra
  • The Quest, The Elbereth Orchestra
  • Galadriel’s Mirror, The Elbereth Orchestra
  • In the Land of Shadows, The Elbereth Orchestra

Didn’t complete the outline over the weekend, but worked on it diligently. Have the story bones in place.

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