Bedeviled by a demon cold, making this week bleak (hate being sick) and tedious (had to do the zombie run to work), but at last my nose has rejoined my face and the frog chorus in my throat has vanished into the ether. Demon cold not entirely gone, the cough elf has taken up residence in my chest and impulsively tapdances on the back of my throat, but seeing as today is Friday, the gateway into Saturday, looks like I’ll survive.

But the demon cold did knock me off my NaNo prep. Finished reading Les Edgerton’s Hooked though, a treasure trove of sharp writing advice and analysis, particularly for genre fiction writers. This one is a keeper, and I’ve gained a better sense of how to start The Foreigner come November 1st.

NaNo prep…well…still working on the outline of The Foreigner, dull title , but it’ll do for now.

Friday! Really, my dear favorite day of the week next to Saturday, where have you been?

2 thoughts on “bedeviled

  1. Sorry about your cold! Seems a lot of people are getting them these days. At least you’re on the up and up!

    Good luck with your Nano prep. Personally, I like “The Foreigner.” Great title, IMHO.

  2. Hope you’re drinking lots of healing tea this weekend and praying for your full recovery before the zombie run begins again.

    Sounds like HOOKED should go on my list too. No worries about your NaNo prep: no plot, no problem, right? We still have eight days…

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