light in the forest

Halfway through NaNo prep and the details are coming together. I added one new character, and another character has taken on deeper dimension in the story, his role turned pivotal as I worked out the arc for my main character.  I know how the story ends, can see lots of room for serendipity, and I’m really interested in seeing how the characters act and react to the events I’ve planned.

Friday Report – NaNo Prep

  • Completed plot sketch
  • Began Scene List
  • Developed story details
  • Began detailed outlining of the beginning, middle, and end
  • Did a little more research

The rest of this month will be devoted to plotting. I’ve decided not to write in chapters, but in a continuous narration for this first draft, scene following scene. Organization and structure can come later during the second draft. I’ve also decided to not pressure myself about word production. I’ll hit the daily benchmark of 7 pages a day and anything beyond that will be gravy, but I’ll not rush the story. If all goes well, I’ll exceed the 50,000 words anyway.  A cursory review of my preliminary story notes and my theme shows the many scenes I’ll need to support the plot, and there’ll be multiple points of view.