This week was so l-o-n-g, I thought Friday had gone on vacation! But here it is at last. Happy Friday! Tomorrow is Writing Saturday with Michelle, and the final week of September proved productive. Today the November Novel for NANO officially begins preliminary production. No title yet, but my obsessive productivity has led to a Friday Report, rare in these parts lately.


  • Completed Character Sketches for main and supporting characters
  • Compiled Research List
  • 7 pages of story notes containing information about main character, the Amaranai culture, possible scenes, the naming convention, and the Akinyi Code
  • Completed Character Setting sketches (settings particular to each character)
  • Researched the traditional Korean courtyard house as a model for traditional Amaranai houses
  • Did preliminary character profiles on 3 minor characters
  • A Lamentation of Swans on hiatus until the end of November–at least

It’s going to be a grand October!


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