bees in your underpants

So I guess Mother Nature heard my ceaseless bitching about the non-summer, and just when summer officially ended, she back-slapped us with scorching days and humidity reminiscent of a Louisiana night, or the edge of hell.  Not that I’m complaining. Oh no. But my sympathies to all the snowbunnies wishing for arctic breezes.

A Lamentation of Swans is at a temporary stall. Just when I finally posted the progress meter too! Damn.

 October begins tomorrow and I’ve plucked this year’s November Novel off its lilypad. I recently finished Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions, (New World Library, Eric Maisel, PhD and Ann Maisel). (I’d link but I is all foggy-brained right now.)  Highly recommended if you’re endeavoring to do something and can’t figure out why you’re not doing that thing you want so badly to do and how to get to doing that thing you want so badly to do. A great book for creatives.

Moving along…I’ve done considerable preliminary work for the November Novel (no title yet). Last week was all about CHARACTERS; this week is SETTING. I’ve put together a RESEARCH LIST, and that’s next week’s focus. And I’ve got several pages of STORY NOTES including bits about the society and culture I’m inventing. I’m steadily forging a path into the story. Come November 1, I will be ready for that obsessive, hysterical, crazy-fun, torturous month of novel writing!

Happy writing.