leaping fish

33,974. I’m losing track again. Trying to keep A Lamentation of Swans together is like trying to keep my grip on a struggling slippery fish. It keeps leaping out of my hands as I struggle with how to write it. I think I have too much going on, and yet not enough of the right stuff. Yesterday a new thought dropped in, a different creative approach, but I don’t know about that–it’s an intimidating move and I’m not sure I can pull it off.

Meanwhile I finished China Mieville’s excellent The City & The City. The ambiguity he leaves in at the finish actually gave the whole novel additional depth. I’m reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Windup Girl now.  All I can say at the moment is…wow! And I’m only six chapters in.

So…what’ll I do about A Lamentation of Swans. I’ve been diligently working on it but October is approaching and I’ve got to start thinking about this year’s November Novel. I’ve got an idea of course, and a few story notes, but I’d like to have a rough map of the story sketched out by November 1. I guess this is a good excuse to set aside A Lamentation of Swans, drop the struggling fish back into the subconscious sea for a couple months. Also, tapdancing at the edge of my scattered attention, is an article I should be writing.

I’m not looking forward to the change of time at the end of November, already my spirit is drooping, contemplating coming and going in darkness for months and months. It wears me out. September though has turned out warm and mostly sunny, the way I figured it would–the ghost of summer.

2 thoughts on “leaping fish

  1. Is it worth putting LAMENTATION aside, or should you just push through and take risks and maybe skip Nano this year? I find unfinished projects drag me down and hold me back.

    Take the risk with LAMENTATION. Maybe you need to take the risk, put it aside for Nano, and then come back with fresh eyes. Or maybe you need to put Nano aside this year and really commit to LAMENTATION.

    Trust your instincts with LAMENTATION>

  2. Good advice, Devon. I have a couple weeks to think it through and make a decision ‘though I am considering staying with Swans. I keep telling myself, “It’s only a novel!”

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