2010 Hugo Award Winners

Congratulations to…2010 Hugo Winners

I have both China Mieville’s book and Paolo Bacigalupi’s. So looking forward to reading them.

It’s been lovely to be away from the day job for a few days. Saturday Michelle and I spent Writing Saturday at the Huntington Library and Gardens. Got a new scene done between Gaius and Vinza for A Lamentation of Swans. Rewrote it on Sunday, and added more to it this morning. 1,016 words for the moment. Moved on with the rest of the sequence this morning, scooted out to meet Michelle and friends for lunch at the Renaissance Bistro in Brea, and now home again and back to it. Outside it’s all sunshine and blue sky, and I may stroll down to the beach later to stare at the sea awhile. Days like this are my favorites, and I plan to make them permanent.