weary blues

Computer blues have been beating me about the head, but got the Mac aka Bill back from service yesterday, new hard drive installed and the latest version of Leopard too, but setting up my Internet connection again proved a migraine. Got to call Earthlink, my provider, and solve one more little issue. I love computers but dealing with the issues when things go wrong is like trying to talk to a Martian–an absolute exercise in futility.

The hard drive death and the Internet connection problems going on before the crash threw me from the train and now I’m struggling to climb over the rolling wheel of work days and take back the caboose. Technology staged a coup but this guerilla is not giving up! (Insert pencil wielding fist pump here.)

I have been making many story notes on A Lamentation of Swans, ruminating about stuff. I’m eager to start writing it again, but I’d like to see where I’m going, clear the fog a bit. Sunday I spent the day reading my latest Saint-Germain novel, Dark of the Sun. I love Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s vampire series and am catching up with it. There’s nine or ten I have not yet read, lost track of it for a while.

I’ve got a story still out to market; the summer, however, turned out to be not as productive for me as I’d hoped. I wanted to send out more short stories this year–problem is, I got to write them. Technicalities will do you in every time!