Last night was hot; humid too. Not a curlique of breeze through the window screen. Not that I’m complaining, merely making a statement. I imagine for people who like cool summers last night was a little bit of hell–as for me, I had a glass of ice water.

I’ve decided to name my Apple Powerbook “Bill” after my favorite vampire on True Blood. Wednesday night Bill fell into a coma–must’ve been that silver “X” on the Leopard 10.5. I was upgrading from Tiger, finally, so that iTunes would talk to my iPhone 4, and it looked like all was well until Leopard encountered some sort of error in Bill’s system–things fell into the proverbial handbasket and went on their merry. Monday evening I’ve got an appointment at the genius bar at the Century City Apple store, and I hope somebody there is genius enough to get Bill out of his coma.

Feeling a bit off-kilter this morning, probably because I slept very little last night. Insomnia slapped me silly so round about midnight I got up and cleaned the bathroom, then I watched a favorite episode of Blood Ties, then since Levi was giving me the hairy eyeball, I turned out the lamp and went back to arguing with the sleep fairy. Hope the triple-shot Americano I picked up at Starbucks this morning keeps me from sleepwalking too much through the day.

Tomorrow I’m off with family on a road trip to Las Vegas to visit our baby brother and his family. Thank goodness Julie’s driving–bless her heart.