My Short Story Writing Workshop went well, and it was so wonderful to be at home for four straight days with my stories and other people’s stories. Plotting is my great weakness. The plot and structure workshop helped me to see what scenes I needed to write for Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise, and where I needed to strengthen the story’s action. Setting was barely present in the story’s first draft, but now it’s there, and my character is more “at home.” I still didn’t finish the story, but that’s okay. I’ll find my way to the end one way or another. While I don’t have too much trouble with point of view, I want to learn how to use it to deepen and round out the fictive dream. Every time I read a short story, I study how the writer used point of view to convey action, shape the plot, authenticate the setting, or do any number of other literary sleights of hand.

At heart I’m a novelist, and I imagine I’m never going to be much of a short story writer–but I can’t help admiring the beauty of this particular literary form and trying to master it for myself. Short stories are tough to write–for me anyway–but so much fun!