sun dolly

A Pompeiian Beauty, Raffaele Giannetti

Discovered where my summer’s been hiding! Palm Springs! Fled the So Cal gloom this weekend to where summer was vacationing! It’s August and I’m still, still wearing my winter stuff, still dragging a sweater around! Palm Springs was a delight for this sun dolly. You know it’s hot when you look down a wide boulevard and see white, the sunlight is so brilliant. It was a busman’s holiday for me though ’cause I was on a photographic mission for Silk River.  I took many photos of the flinty hills, the sun-dried brush, the broad heat-soaked avenues, the ravenous white and blue sky, and miscellaneous desert flora. Have not uploaded the photos yet to the Silk River file, but will post a few here when I do.

Visited the Palm Springs Art Museum, discovered the art of Birger Sandzen,  who immigrated to Kansas from Sweden in the late nineteenth century and became known as the American Van Gogh. His early paintings are pointillistic, the daubs from the tip of the paintbrush much larger than usual, managing to blend and yet float on the canvas like rising dreams. Bold Impressionism marks his later paintings.  His use of brilliant color–pink and yellow, reds, oranges and blues–shape and delineate his skies, his canyon landscapes, the trees, rocks, and hills, giving an abstract quality to realistic subjects, the brushstrokes laid on so thickly the colors even now glow like neon.

Writing-wise, it feels like I’m not getting much done–but really I am.