Easy reading is damn hard writing.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

There is purpose in every aspect of a short story. Nothing is there just for fun, willy-nilly. No matter how easy it appears or how fun it reads, there is a reason behind every scene, every detail of setting, character, and plot. The short story has unique form and purpose. It is not a novel made tiny. At its heart resides singularity.

Have scheduled August 13-16 for my Short Story Writing Workshop, planning the agenda during the coming weeks.  As a part of the Workshop, I’m going to write a new short story, only at the moment I’ve no idea for one. Right now I’m going through my writing books for each day’s topic–characterization, point of view, setting & description, and plot & structure–and I’ve chosen several short stories to use in the Workshop.

Friday Report, Week 4

  • Worked on Silk River, story notes and planning
  • Wrote bio-sketch of Annette Garcia (the mother in Silk River)
  • Pre-writing reading: “Chapters” in The Theory of the Novel, and Novelsmithing by David Sheppard
  • Planning Short Story Writing Workshop
  • Worldbuilding notes and character sketches on vampire fantasy historical
  • Next weekend: research trip to Palm Springs for Silk River