I’m reading Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, a delightful birthday gift from my cousin that will keep giving for years to come, especially since I’m going to look for Mayes’ other books. I just love the evocative rhythm of her sentences. When I write, I strive for that kind of rhythm while trying to tell a story, but it isn’t just the story that compels attention, it’s also the words used, the composition of the sentences, their rhythm, the way the paragraphs flow one into another, building an image, a feeling, making thoughts concrete, turning words into imaginative energy that takes you to another place. As I read Mayes’ book, I’m reminded that it doesn’t take big, fancy words or strange syntactical constructions to pull off the magical texture of good writing.


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  1. i love her rhythm, and I love the way her writing is INclusive — it feels like a friend having a conversation over a nice glass of wine. Enjoy!

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