stuff and furbelows

At last–July has ruffled her skirts and kicked off her gloom, gracing us with a sparkling day–bright sun, air pleasantly warm, sky wide and blue. About time!

I’ve stacked up the books to go through for stories for my Short Story Workshop, scheduled August 13 – August 16, but have not had time to start reviewing them yet.

Silk River has absconded with my attention these past couple weeks. Yesterday I researched Setting and this morning typed my notes into Scrivener. I’ve got lots of story notes and character bits bouncing among the neurons. At month’s end, the last weekend, I’m driving to Palm Springs on a research trip for the novel. Really looking forward to that. It’ll be nice to getaway and just be in another place for a bit. A brief bit, just an overnight trip.

I’m planning so much to do by summer’s end, the holes in my head are getting bigger and stuff like dates and to-do’s keep falling out and tumbling away.


3 thoughts on “stuff and furbelows

  1. I am sure your story will be amazing – I need to stop being lay and write/illustrate…it’s been a while. I lost about 3 chapters worth of work due to our hard drive crashing and I hadn’t emailed it to myself or backed it up yet – super bummed – but it wasn’t meant to be I guess 😉 Hope you have fun in Palm Springs!

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