no silver, plenty of cloud

No Friday Report this week either. I’m doing stuff–story planning and notes for what’s really the rewrite of Silk River–but the mind is just bouncing around, and the unceasing hail of daily mundanities and the ever-present zombie run have me dancing as fast as I can. Still, I can say enlightenment has struck  on the rewrite; I’ve got great story notes, and can see a little of where the story is going.

I’ve got a thought about the desert landscape, arid but holding life beneath its surface, a good metaphor for Jewel Garcia, I think. And I want poppies in the story–something about those ruffled blossoms of bright orange and how the flowers open from tightly wound cones.

Yesterday was another dreary morning of gray skies and drippy mist. Today’s not much better, although the air holds a touch of humidity. I hope old Sol takes a break from his east coast vacation and peeks in on So Cal over the weekend.