july gloom

What’s with this oppressive weather? Another dreary overcast morning, only 60 degrees F outside. Wtf. Summer’s my favorite season, and by now I shouldn’t still be dragging my sweater around! Dammit, I want my summer! SIGH!

Still at work planning Silk River, trying to stay focused.

Also, yesterday, finally got my thoughts together about my self-directed short story writing workshop. Have decided to do mid-August, 4 days, 8/13 – 8/16. I’ve found a podcast for each day, sketched a preliminary agenda, and last night I pulled about a dozen or so anthologies off my shelves to pick stories from, and set out a batch of writing books too to decide on. And during the workshop, I’ll be writing the August short story.


4 thoughts on “july gloom

  1. You can have some of our east-coast summer, if you like … 100 degrees, high humidity, oppressive heat … if we gave you some of this, you’d have it warmer, and we’d be able to breathe!

    Regardless of the weather, best wishes for your writing progress and continued success!

    • Seems Mr. Sun has gone east for vacation! Hope he floats back this way and gives you all some relief!

  2. It’s still July gloom….. and its pushing August Gloom too. There was a week of really nice sun here in southern california and then back to gloomy again. :(((

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