A chill and misty Tuesday morning, the day so uncertain weatherwise–you’d think it November instead of July. Lovely weather through the long weekend. I celebrated the 4th, also my birthday, with my sisters, nieces, and cousin. We laughed a lot talking about the eccentricities of our great aunts, sisters from a large family of 11, all born during the final years of the nineteenth century and the first years of the twentieth, and who ranged from middle-aged to elderly when we were children. They’ve all passed on now, but we have fond and funny memories of how they were.

We saw ECLIPSE on Saturday, enjoyed it immensely, and on Sunday, me, my younger sister, and my cousin went back for another viewing. This one was done much better than NEW MOON, and they finally got the make-up right for the vampires–all of them were appropriately beautiful. The story was well done, and I was delighted to see they managed to weave in Jasper’s and Rosalie’s backstories. And oh yeah the wolves were magnificent! And the battle with the newborns fast and furious. All in all, I think they did a great job on this one. (And a friend of mine hadn’t seen it yet so yesterday I saw it again with her. Loved it.)

Last week I worked on Silk River ( a title I won’t be keeping), no writing, just story notes and lots of thinking, about the characters, point of view, where to start, and what to say–keeping in mind that every scene must have a purpose, and turning over idea after idea, feathers and leaves. My main character is Jewel Garcia, a young woman who has suffered trauma and who comes face to face with a particular anguish of choice in the story. I’ve got my own anguish of choice going on as I think about Jewel and her dramatic situation.

My other stories are calling, but I’m trying to focus on Silk River; the rest of them will have to languish a while, ‘though I do have to consider this month’s short story. Come to think of it, how have I done with those?

  • January – Breath of the Grave, finished and sent out.
  • February – Submitted Shadow to market.
  • March – Breath of the Grave went out again, and worked on Three Heartbeats.
  • April – Wrote Parting Gift for the 24-Hour Short Story contest.
  • May – Began writing Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise.
  • June – Still writing Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise.

And now it’s July. I suppose WZS could be it, but that last scene just won’t present itself.

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday to you. I see you’re still hard at work and staying focused. That’s good! I just posted a blog and a snippet of the first half of my final chapter. Working on the second half now. Must get it all done (even rough) before I leave for Europe July 29.

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