Finished painting the bathroom! It only took me several years of promising myself and one Saturday and one Sunday a week apart! Behr’s Ultra Bright White has kicked up the light in that little room. That was the first time I’d painted a room–it was pleasant in a way, but way too much work for me. Still have the living room, dining, hall, and bedroom in need of a fresh look–definitely will be hiring painters.

Sunday also gifted me with three distinctive insights into my Silk River characters–Jewel, her mother Annette, and Calvin Tremaine, Annette’s ex-husband. Wrote 2-1/2 pages of notes, fertile ground for prospective scenes. While I spun  the paint roller back and forth over the ceiling, Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise percolated. Still have not finished the last scene–and why not? I’ve got my suspicions about that–something to do with the main character needing a personality, and the seeds to the conclusion lie within Daniel. So I opened my 2010 journal, the one I keep on the computer, and wrote stuff about Daniel, figuring him out. I meant to work on A Lamentation of Swans too, over the weekend, but I only managed one story note, and then Silk River ran away with me.