It is a great sadness when a culture and a society, outstanding in so many other ways, fails so deeply at a point in human history when such a thing should be buried in the dust of the distant past…
an eternal tragedy

2 thoughts on “160,000,000

  1. And just think, India is becoming a leader in the world for making steel and has lots of really RICH, RICH people. One of the richest men in the world is from India and yet, we have this extreme poverty, caste system, and all the related terrors of both. But then, this is the capitalistic model from the beginning. Time is against them, and technology.

  2. As long as that caste system exists, particularly since it is both cultural and religion-based, there is no hope for India’s “untouchables.” India’s society has created and maintains–despite the law–a social system that gives them a permanent class of people they can victimize at will. As is the case with all deeply institutionalized, ingrained bigotry, even the kind-hearted and clear-minded among them probably carry a subconscious prejudice against the untouchables.

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