meandering moon

TRUEBLOOD Quote of the Day: Jessica, I have errands to run. Errands which do not require your presence. (Newborn vampire Jessica doing her dead-on imitation of Bill in the episode Keep This Party Going.)

Thursday morning when I settled down to work on A Lamentation of Swans, I could feel all my good intentions slipping and sliding away, frustration rising on a slow wave, despair nibbling at the edges. Rather than try to write narrative, I tracked my thoughts with pen and paper, writing down plot details and story stuff, the pen meandering along behind whatever I was thinking. I drew arrows, cloud circles, scribbled diagonally, and managed to find other aspects of the story I could exploit to give the story another layer and push things forward. So today I’m going to type Thursday’s notes into Scrivener and push on. I’m revisualizing the entire plot. Outline ahoy!

First though, I’ve got to finish painting the bathroom. The ultra bright white looks great but the ceiling is old paint dull and there’s some touching up to do here and there on the freshly done walls. A pro I’m not, but I did a fair job of it. Just finished the laundry, got to run to Home Depot to get quarter-inch paint brushes for the touch-ups, and then, it’ll be me and the manuscript for the rest of the day.