friday report, week 4

Friday Report — June, Week 4

– Met with Janet, 6/19
– Moleskine notes on A Lamentation of Swans, sketched new structure for story, revised premise
– Chapter 1 w/Gaius scene for A Lamentation of Swans, unrevised @3,937 words
– Story notes for new science fiction horror short story
– Reading Novelsmithing, David Sheppard, @ Chapter 3: Character
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 Writing To-Do’s

 – A Lamentation of Swans – edit the new Chapter 1, remove repetitious scene
– Silk River – separate Jewel and Annette’s point of views, make 2 scenes
Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise – must write final scene
Three Heartbeats – finish edits
– Jiro story – continue plotting
– July  – sf horror – short story planning notes, and plan short story writing workshop