twelve days

Twelve days to my birthday—July 4! It’s my personal tradition to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of July and having the impulses of a magpie–sparklies catch my near-sighted eyes—already I’m the happy owner of a diamond and peridot ring for my not-yet-arrived birthday; it’s a wonderful excuse to wallow in self-indulgence for a while–like a month at least! Ah yes—and then’s there’s this craving for a new ruby ring too. Ruby being the July baby’s birthstone. Got two already—one can’t have too many rubies! I’m not giving myself a party this year, not making any special birthday trips either, but I plan to have a wonderful month!

In some cultures birthdays are not celebrated or even remembered—that’s okay I guess; why should the day you were born be special anyway? Still, it’s a nice custom to have. A reminder that life is a gift and should be embraced, warts, spots, and all. Oh yeah—there’s that aging thing—not a problem—I age slowly–part vampire, y’know.


2 thoughts on “twelve days

  1. Me, too! I figured out that you can’t always do everything you want to do for your birthday on just one day, so why cut the fun short! I celebrate all month long. It’s cool.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And a wonderful year ahead!

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