move, no you move!

On the zombie run yesterday morning, rolling along behind, I watched two cars perform aggressive do-si-do’s, each car zipping in front of the other to stay ahead. Car 2, tired of following Car 1, jumped around him to take the lead; prompting Car 1 to zip around Car 2 and take the lead back; Car 2 did a fast side-zip in front of Car 1 again. Car 1 sidestepped to the next lane over; Car 2 changed lanes right then too, by cutting Car 1 off to keep the lead. Had Car 2 had hands, I’m sure the middle finger would’ve been extended.

Forgot to post the Week 2, Friday Report yesterday:

  • Decided to take a fresh look at A Lamentation of Swans, did story notes and wrote a new scene (991 words)
  • Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise short story @2,374 words
  • Read The Power of Place, Linda Lappin, The Writer, November 2009 issue for inspiration in writing about the city of Angharad in ALoS.
  • Created a spreadsheet cataloguing the best writing articles by subject from The Writer and Writer’s Digest so I don’t have to hunt through magazines to find a particular article.
  • Started planning the summer short story writing workshop
  • Started planning a new novel