letting the right one in

Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise has reached 2,374 words, and I’m at the final scene, hoping to finish it soon, ‘though I don’t know how soon.  Meanwhile an old flame is back in town–attractive as ever, giving me that “Hey, babe!” grin, and I’m standing there, wide-eyed and speechless. Yes, A Lamentation of Swans is back. What can I say? I’m still in love with the book.

Maybe I took the wrong approach before–make that many wrong approaches. Maybe I’m trying to fit a large round peg into a small square hole, and when that doesn’t work, I turn it into a triangle. Maybe I have not found the right way in. And maybe if I don’t resume this relationship, I’ll regret it. The engagement ring, princess cut, all sparkle and shine, slids back on fairly easily.