shoe shoe be-dum

Don’t understand women’s shoes lately–the combination of Roman sandals and spike heels. I’ve never seen so many ugly, life-threatening, foot crippling shoes in my decades. Shoe miscegenation. Ankle-wrapping Roman sandal stilettos. On platforms. What? Frankenshoes.

Was sick last night and still under the weather this morning, wasn’t sure I’d make the monthly meeting with Michelle today. I’m upright for the time being, have a vague sense of not-quite-rightness, but think I’ll make it through the day okay.  We’ve got lots to talk about, and I think I’m going to work on Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise, and write 1000 words on Silk River, and possibly work on the noir story, write the opening, maybe. I’ve outlined some of the scenes for it, no title yet.

Supposed to be a summery day, but it’s all June gloom right now.