Celebrated the end of the 1st Annual Spring Forward Writing Workshop yester eve with a fine dinner and all the trimmings at Alegria with my niece. Good food, good conversation, a lovely evening pleasantly cool, and a fine end to a productive week alone with the writing.

I’m not sure if I’ll send Auno’s Widow out, but I should. I’ve been thinking I should see about expanding it so it’s been sitting while I dither over whether to leave it as it is–already a good story with no particular problems–or revise it to fit some new vague vision in my head.

Reading over the opening scene of Silk River between Jewel and her mother Annette, I’m not satisfied with some of the sentences, but on the whole, the scene works, says what I want said. Right now I want to focus on Jewel. She’s my way around the wall. The first bone of the outline of Silk River is what is happening with Jewel Garcia, and from that the plot will accrete.

Today promises to be as nice, weather-wise, as yesterday. I hear the soft padding of summer’s bare feet coming my way at last.