1st Annual Spring Forward Writing Workshop

Tomorrow begins my 1st Annual Spring Forward Writing Workshop, May 26 – May 31st. I’m so excited! Seeing as I’ll never have six weeks free to attend Clarion or Odyssey, assuming I was even accepted into one of them, I decided to design and hold my own week-long intensive writing workshop. I scheduled vacation time to take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday, and spent April and most of this month designing a brochure of workshops geared to my writing issues, building in lunch times (an hour and a half each day) and breaks (3:00 – 3:30), and giving myself Friday afternoon off for a fun field trip.

I’ll post each day’s workshop agenda and report each day’s progress. I’ll be focusing on selected WIPs and using my writing books and podcasts selected from the Odyssey Workshop, AmericanWriters.com, The Secrets, Pen on Fire, and Writers on Writing as the lecture portions of the workshops.

My goals are (1) devote an entire week to writing without the interruption of the day job or anything else; (2) increase my productivity; (3) boost my morale; (4) improve my writing skills, expand my knowledge of techniques, and write for the joy of writing.

My ultimate goal, for the rest of this year, is to rewrite Silk River and have it ready to submit by December 31, 2010. The WIPs I’ll focus on the most will be Silk River (my 2006 Nano manuscript) and A Lamentation of Swans, and I’ll also be looking at different things in different manuscripts. I’ve got my chosen writing books lined up, tabbed, and labeled for each workshop, and I’ve chosen the fiction books I’ll study for technique examples.

Today I ran around taking care of the mundanities, bought flowers for the dining room table, and cleaned house ’cause I don’t want to be distracted by dishes that need doing and floors that need sweeping. This is going to be one hell of a fun week for me. Michelle said she wanted to do it too so I’ve sent her a copy of the workshop agenda and she can adapt it to suit her purposes. Good luck to both of us! I’m so delighted at having a whole week to focus on writing and work on my books, I’m giddy. It’s going to be a great week!

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