whistling true

Friday Report – Week 2

  • Wrote 1,950 words so far on the May short story, Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise
  • Completed the Friday, May 28 agenda for the Spring Forward Writing Workshop
  • Two pendrifter posts: “sunrise” and “not quite, but almost”
  • Revised the story plan for A Lamentation of Swans

Next week:

  • Type a summary of the revised story plan for ALoS
  • Write the next scene in Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise
  • Send out Auno’s Widow
  • Finish the remaining daily agendas for the Workshop. Deadline: 5/22
  • Writer’s lunch meeting w/Janet, May 22
  • May 16, LACMA art exhibition: American Stories, Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765-1915

Currently reading Novelist’s Essential Guide to Creating Plot by J. Madison Davis.


2 thoughts on “whistling true

  1. Well I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you, but you know how difficult it is, as somebody once said of writing, to wrestle with angels.

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