not quite, but almost

After suckering us with a few days of summery sunshine, spring hooked a finger in winter’s tattered cloak and dragged it back a few inches, giving us bleak sunshine further dulled by cold, blustery winds. And so it goes.

I’ve started writing May’s short story, a brand spanking new vampire tale that lingered on my mind for a while. This morning I reached 1,475 words on it (despite having had to take a Unisom last night), and last night, as I was trying to lure the sleep fairy, the Muse intruded with a working title: Werewolf, Zombies, Sunrise. Don’t know if I’ll keep it, but I like it. I actually had three other possibilities for May, but said possibilities were dragging their feet whereas WZS tapdanced into view, happy to waltz with me. So far we’re in rhythm.

The novels are brooding on the sideline. I don’t know what to do with them. The Spring Forward Writing Workshop agenda is coming along. I’d like to have all the days laid out by the end of next week–may have to do a couple late nights. Time is spinning along, leaving me to slip in edgewise.