Creeping toward mid-May, had a fabulous weekend spent with friends on a fun jaunt to the Huntington Museum and Gardens, visited the Cactus Conservatory, many of them flowering with blossoms in neon colors–hot pink, acid yellow, blood red–one particular cactus sprouted vines studded with vertical rows of tiny white flowers resembling eyes. We also visited the Clash of Empires exhibit about the Seven Years’ War, which lasted longer than seven years, had many names, and, this I hadn’t known, was a global war–some historians consider it the first world war. In this country it was called the French & Indian War.

Drove out to Moreno Valley on Sunday to visit my sisters and nieces, took Mother’s Day bouquets of roses and lilies, chocolate and strawberries, for each of them. My nephew and his girlfriend joined us for a  laugh-filled meal at Applebee’s, and then we went to Mom’s grave site to lay a bouquet of roses and lilies, and share memories. Cold, rambunctious winds shortened our time. We walked back to the car, hoping the wind didn’t tear the petals off the roses.

Driving home Sunday afternoon, I let Junior follow the 91 West through hills of oak-studded ravines on the left and rocky yellow hills on the right, while I worked out the details of the May short story.  Started writing it yesterday, wrote 499 words. Have decided the end will have to show up on its own.


2 thoughts on “sunrise

  1. Love how you describe colors. The hills yellow with wild mustard is glorious this time of year.

    Found this from the Herb GArdener: One of my favorite stories about herbs involves the Conquistadors. The mustard plant was introduced to the Americas by the conquistadors or their attendant Padres (depending on who you’re listening to), who planted the fast sprouting seeds to mark their trails. The fast-flowering plants were seeded to show them a golden road back along their route (the yellow brick road?).

    • I love seeing the great patches of yellow mustard blossoming on the hill sides too! It’s one of my favorite sites of spring. Didn’t know that about the conquistadores–they were aiming for a golden road for sure.

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