Not much writing done at my Writing Saturday meeting, but lots of talking went on–current WIPs, future writing plans, and BONES. I managed to add a few sentences to the new scene for Three Heartbeats. I’m trying to find my way into it, not sure what perspective will rise from it yet; I only know the story needs the scene.

Sunday took a field trip with friends to see the 2010 Design House in Pasadena. This year showcased the Cravens Estate, designed by San Francisco architect Lewis P. Hobart, who modeled the Cravens mansion on the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, also the inspiration for Versailles. Three stories, fifty rooms–lush and elegant decor–it was fabulous! And I spent way too much money at the bazaar afterward. At least 25% of it goes as a charitable contribution on my taxes–there, some small consolation for plundering my bank account with careless abandon.

Monday was a scattered day, and now it’s Tuesday, and I’m down here at the foot of the mountain.