chasing habit

Steven Pressfield has an excellent post on habit establishing and keeping, beginning with a charming story about Konrad Lorenz’s pet goose illustrating the principle. If you do it right, that is, show up and write, or show up and dance, or paint, or sing, or compose, or whatever creative fire is burning inside, habit becomes practice, and practice can lead to achievement. Fantastic. Yes it is.

So I’ve been chasing habit for a while, shifting my writing times hither and yon, attempting to create the space and make it permanent, make it practice, and it’s been a slippery run but I think I’m now breathing down habit’s neck and pretty soon I’m going to get it in a bear hug, wrestle it to a standstill and sit on it. Grinning. But mostly, I have to sneak up on it, trip it flat and write while it struggles to get away.


One thought on “chasing habit

  1. I can sure relate to that! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Gotta find a new angle of approach to an ever-moving target . . . .

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