friday report week 4

Friday Report

  • Planned Thursday and Friday agendas of Spring Forward Writing Workship, scheduled 5/26-5/31
  • Story notes on Ginjiro Shane fantasy noir
  • Story notes on the Micah Darby short story
  • Re-development and revision notes on Loose Daddy
  • Story notes on A Lamentation of Swans
  • Wrote 2 essays on writing in answer to the questions: (i) Can a writer write organically with a plan in mind and (ii) Why is story design important?
  • Did 15-minute freewriting for ten days. Words pulled: snowy silence, sunlit oranges, lavender hour, smiling pig, running trail, brass needles, tapestry, pear trees in spring, icicle, and yellow hills.
  • Added to the opening scene of new literary short story

And, had a fun time hanging with writers at the Orange County Noir book party last Saturday.