pear blossom sunday

It’s Grand Prix week in Long Beach. My weekend was a grand prix of  its own I was so busy buzzing here and there and having a good time. Saturday met with Janet for our monthly lunch meeting, had a good talk about the stuff we’re working on, brainstormed a new short story I’m working on, and then it was off to meet another writer friend and a drive to the OC Noir party, celebrating the release of the latest in Akashic Books line of noir mystery anthologies. This one focuses on the shadowed side of Orange County. I met a few more of the anthology’s writers and got them to sign their stories. My friend Patricia has a story in this one too–an engrossing tale of doomed romance , a jailhouse jill, and betrayal. Finished off Saturday evening with a good meal at Zov’s, a bottle of Malbec, an Argentinian red, and a long and pleasant chin wag with my friend–the joyful coin of a day well spent.

Spent Sunday at the beach with my journal, sitting in the sun on the remains of a concrete beach stand, watching the glimmering sea, and writing, full of words, but not of fiction, filled a little over 8 pages with thoughts, ideas, and maunderings. From Shoreline, I could hear the buzzing of racecars, the razory hum melding with the susurrus of rolling surf, and I thought about how differing elements can come together to shape compelling fiction, giving expression to cogent thought or bringing to life on the page something we’ve imagined. I worked on the workshop agenda, closed the day with James Blaylock’s Knights of the Cornerstone, and had my usual fight with the sleep fairy.


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    • Yeah it was lovely! But I’m so anxious to get some words on the page, and my weekends have been way too full lately! d:)

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