In an e-mail to Michelle, talking about meeting writing objectives, commented I was like a new gun owner who couldn’t shoot, always missing the target by at least a mile. Looking over my April writing in comparison to my quarterly and yearly objectives just makes me sigh.

Friday Report No. 3, April 16

  • Continued planning daily agendas for Spring Forward Writing Workshop, scheduled May 26 – May 31, 2010
  • Attended Literary Orange Writers Conference, UC, Irvine. Had my flagging creative spirit lifted.
  • Wrote review of Two Worlds of Poul Anderson for Wildside Press.
  • Journaled story notes and writing thoughts in Moleskine.
  • Wrote 500-word opening scene of a new horror story–may be a novella.
  • Wrote story notes and narrative bits for April’s short story.
  • Wrote story planning notes on new characters for an urban fantasy with noir elements.
  • Wrote opening scene to a new literary short story, about 200 words.

 April Writing Activities:

  • 24-Hour Short Story Contest, April 24-25
  • Meeting with Janet, April 17
  • Do exercise from Carol Bly’s book on short story writing
  • Plan and write next scene in horror story
  • Write April’s short story
  • Continue story planning for urban fantasy with noir elements
  • Continue writing new literary short story