Hoping we get to go home a early today; got a busy weekend planned. Friday again! Yay! What did I do writing-wise this week?

Friday Report

  • Completed the March Edit with 17 hours, 5 minutes of editing done on: A Lamentation of Swans; Blanchefleur; Breath of the Grave; and Three Heartbeats
  • Story notes on A  Lamentation of Swans, and outlined Chapter 1, working on Chapter 2. (Re-visualizing the entire story.)
  • Responded to Wildside Press’s call for reviews. Received Two Worlds of Poul Anderson for review. Finished the first story; wrote my notes.
  • Designed Spring Forward Writing Workshop, scheduled for May.
  • Wrote in my journal and posted to pendrifter

Coffee cup salute to a productive April!


3 thoughts on “donut

    • Thanks! I didn’t get any fiction writing done, but I’m at the thinking stage on a number of things. d:)

  1. Great work! Do you time yourself? I read of a writer who did that by sticking to a 10-minute rule. Never worked for me, though. I can’t remember his name either.

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