Driving in to work early yesterday morning, I stopped for gas at the Shell on Pico with the sticker-shock cost per gallon, stepped out of Junior and had my skin peeled by an arctic blast of wind that would’ve done Chicago proud. But by noon, dogs were panting. No worries; it’s only So Cal’s in need of therapy spring weather.

Yesterday was Friday, and since I’m running a day late and a dollar short these days, here’s the Friday Report:

  • March Edit – A Lamentation of Swans – 1-1/2 hours
  • Met with Janet on Sunday for our writer’s lunch
  • Read first half of Breath of the Grave at writer’s group meeting; received constructive comments; a bit of tweaking is in order.
  • Wrote 33 narrative ideas for A Lamentation of Swans
  • Journal notes for new scenes – A Lamentation of Swans
  • Designed brochure for my Spring Forward Writing Workshop, scheduled for May

Today I’m going to see The Metropolitan Opera’s cinematic production of Hamlet!


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  1. As always you are so productive. I’m just trying to catch up after being overwhelmed with Olympics writing for Planet Eye Traveler. Just had a lovely road trip down to Pt. Townsend and two free nights there which was great for relaxing and (hopefully) getting myself back on track.

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